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The Waitaki District is the perfect place to explore by motor home, campervan or with your tent. It offers amazing scenery, mountains, lakes, cultural and heritage sites and friendly locals.

As a district we are committed to sustainability, and we ask that all visitors play their part in contributing the Waitaki’s wellbeing while enjoying all the area has to offer. Our community is proud to host you but we do ask that you respect our natural environment and play your part in protecting our heritage.

We ask that all visitors please:

  • Refrain from toileting on the ground, in the bush and forest or in rivers and streams
  • Ensure that campervan waste water is discharged only at designated wastewater dump stations
  • Dispose of all litter in rubbish bins
  • Refrain from using our waterways for bathing, laundering clothes or washing dishes.

Vehicles with No Facilities on Board

Identification: known car hire companies that do not have facilities including Wicked and Juicy vans. Other unidentified vehicles and owner occupied vehicles with no facilities on board.

Where can you camp: When staying the Waitaki District in a non self-contained vehicle, you must stay in a registered camping ground. The Waitaki District has over 25 designated camping grounds and sites in our district (please refer to the Camping Grounds link on this website for a list of the locations).

Self Contained Campervans with On Board Facilities

Identification: NZS5465:2001 Self Contained Certificate (Green Sticker)

Where can you camp: We encourage everyone to use one of our many designated camping grounds or sites.
Overnight camping in self contained vehicles may occur on Council controlled public land except where signs indicate No Camping.Overnight camping may only be carried out in mobile vehicles fitted with 3 day capacity toilet and a greywater storage facility. Camping in vehicles not fitted with these facilities is not permitted.
All sites must be left clean and tidy. Toilet and greywater must be disposed of in an approved dump point. Campers must comply with any request to move on by any officer of the Waitaki District Council.

Prohibited Areas

• Public places in any urban area. This includes all townships in the Waitaki area. It does not apply to signposted and designated camping site.

• All areas where “No Camping” signs are displayed

More Information

Call in and talk to our friendly staff at the information centres in our district. Staff are able to offer free advice and information on visitor attractions, activities, accommodation, camping and the district in general.

Oamaru i-SITE, 1 Thames Street, Oamaru

Kurow Information Centre, 57 Bledisloe Street, Kurow

Palmerston Information Centre, Ambience With Information, 117 Ronaldsay Street, Palmerston

Omarama Information Centre, Hot Tubs Omarama, 25 Omarama Ave, Omarama